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 A fresh start

So, I decided to reblogging. Lama sangat tinggal dari 2012 kot. Wow, Alhamdulillah walaupun tinggal, followers meningkat. 

Blog I mcm mana rupanya? Macam dlm gmbr tu. My blog used to be a haunted blog. Hahaha, I made that skin by myself. But I had to remove the theme sbb terlalu scary kata org. Sorry guys for scaring you. I just love horror things eventho penakut jugak I ni. Ada juga yg ckp mana I menghilang? 

Dulu, I biasa lukis 'doodles', edit blog utk org, buat blogskins, tutorials and bg freebies for readers. Tp, skarang ni I agak busy dgn my life as a student. I hv to focus more on my studies. Despite that, I kekurangan hobby. So tu yg I nk blogging balik. Rindu jugak. 

Btw, skin yg I pkai ni bukan I punya. I malas nk buat and lupa dah pun mcm mana. Previous posts I dah delete sbb OMG so embarrassing! Tak matang punya entries. Dgn cara penulisannya, erghh.. Jd, I delete everything and that's why the title of this entry is "A fresh start". 

Now, I'm beginning to rebuild my untidy life. Nk kemaskan sikit my way of living. Hahaha. Do follow me on instagram, twitter and this blog itself. 

Until next time, bye!

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