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I think I'm loving this 'Helyanthus' thing. It came from our silly imagination yang gedik nk acah2 jd kpop girl group. Hahaha. Then, we literaly created our own girl group who is still under the name of SMROOKIES.

Yup! SMEnt. Kitorang SM biased. Almost all groups dlm SM, kitorang suka. Sebut je group apa pun, we surely know who and what.

So, we decided to call ourselves, Helyanthus. Since kitorang SUNSHINERS (SNSD Sunny's biased), kitorang named our group based on one of her fansite. Nama fansite Sunny Helianthus. Taknakla sama kan? So we replaced 'i' with 'y'.

Best sgt sbb semua sporting! From our eldest member, Novie unnie, Kak Syu, and Mira. Semua setuju dgn creation ni. Best sgt sbb semua baik2 belaka.

Our roles in the group adalah :

1. Novie as LV - Leader, Main rapper, Lead dancer.
2. Syu as Eyda - Main dancer, Lead rapper.
3. Eiramelyna as RaRa - Main vocalist.
4. Mira as Adny - Lead vocalist, Maknae.

Technically, we also decided to sing our own 'fake debut' song. Based on votes, Mr Mr is our debut song walaupun lagu tu milik SNSD. I really ove Ice Cream Cake but based on votes kan. Kitorang still practice and not yet recording. Truely, we will sing the song with our own real voice.

This idea will be kept as our own little secret. So cukuplah setakat ni. Rakaman ke, apa ke, semua hanya dikalangan kami bereempat je.


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